The nuts and bolts of our mobile hygiene operation

radical hospitality

What we do is rooted in radical hospitality. We call those we serve our guests. We remember their names, learn their stories, and we built something beautiful for people to use.

We use human-centered design to build spaces that reflect the value of those we serve. Our welcoming, high touch customer service ensures our guests leave feeling better than when they arrived. We believe that compassion means honoring another’s humanity.

behind the scenes

In a city like Detroit, where real estate prices are escalating, the mobile model ensures that our service isn’t subject to rising rents and potential evictions. And perhaps more importantly, going mobile gives us the flexibility to reach those homeless where they’re at – scattered across our city.

By repurposing retired transportation buses, we transform existing resources into vehicles for good.

it’s all about collaboration

Showers on wheels won’t solve homelessness, but they do fill a massive gap in available services. We deliver our service in partnership with other nonprofits to help people access a broad spectrum of services.

Cross-sector collaboration is essential. We also work closely with local government agencies for permitting needs.

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